Future forms (like ghosts)

The string vibrates at a pitch so low

you barely hear it

but the ripples

spread to your edges and flood the air.

You see the wavering of future forms

(like ghosts)

before they appear

in the forest of coincidence

and chaos. Moss grows

over your premonitions, silencing

the echo of curbed words. Only

your quickened pulse speaks

of mysteries revealed. Your mind’s eye

blinks, closing around the private

recognition of success

and failure. For a split second

the burning hoop of time

is visible

as all previous moments


This trick

could not have been achieved

under different circumstances. Although

you might have shaken

some other magic

out of your sleeve,

made it whole.

We catch our reflection in random

mirrors, assembling a mosaic

of meaning. But every so often

we draw a card

from our stack of fortunes

and grasp its value

before it is turned.

An occasion that defies

proof; it simply rings in tune

with the remaining score.


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